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ATM Models

We proudly offer HANTLE products, which allow your choice of phone, internet and wireless access for your ATM. We only offer products which are chip compliant and polymer note compliant.

Establishments with ATMS are required to bring their ATMs in compliance with new EMV standards by the end of 2012. However, there will be a cost for upgrading existing machines. If you currently own an ATM, you may have a machine that might not be compliant. Be sure to review your contracts to see who bears the responsibility for this upgrade and to ensure your machine is not turned off December 31, 2012 due to non compliance. Any Time Money does provide the ability to trade in your old ATM and upgrade to a brand new ATM.

This message is not intended to be a solicitation of ATM processing under existing signed contracts. Current ATM owners must be sure to notify the existing processing company of any intent to cancel their contract in writing prior to the end of the contract term.

Hantle 1700 Series Hantle 1700W Series Hantle c4000 Series Hantle t4000 Series

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